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5 Anime Music Mashups That You Should Totally Listen To

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It’s no new news that the internet is an amazing place for finding creative content. Music mashups are one of my favorite things to dig around this crazy information network. Here are five of my favorite anime related mashups you should totally listen to:


5. Can’t Feel My Renegade (GANGSTA. / The Weeknd)

This mashup just screams genre clash all over your face! Mixing up the chill and groovy Can’t Feel my Face from The Weeknd into one of my favorite anime opening songs of all times STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s electronic noisy mess Renegade.


4. Nyanderwall (Non Non Byori / Oasis)

I’ll probably be killed for this by my sister who really loves Oasis. But I really need to share this with the rest of the world. Non Non Biyori is just the perfect “heart healing” slice of life anime and combining this with Oasis all-time relaxing masterpiece Wonderwall just goes sooooo well.


3. Losing Me Your Way (Kill La Kill / Linkin Park)

There is something about Kill la Kill’s famous theme Don’t Lose Your Way that makes it go so well with Linkin Park’s nu metal style. For someone who really loves the anime and loved listening to Linkin Park songs almost on a daily basis, this mashup feels just right.


2. Sweet Chii o’ Mine (Chobits / Guns N’ Roses)

I’m sorry.

1. Give Heart Back To Music | Shounen of Nazareth (Eureka Seven / Daft Punk)

I’ve once said to a friend that absolutely anything and everything can be made better by slapping Daft Punk all over it. It somehow makes me feel that I’m cheating by putting this one on the top of my list since it really mashes up so good.

This list was really hard to make since I do have many more songs that I think should get a little more attention over the internet. Maybe I’ll even post some more lists in the future who knows?

What about you? Do you have any favorite anime mashup that I didn’t mention? Share it up in the comments I would love to hear more of these lovely music mashups!

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